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What does a black feather mean?

what does bu mean in coins

Hi Karen, so nice to meet you.

I was coming out of my hotel room and on the hallway in between my room and the elevator was a black feather. It kinda looked synthetic, but my initial reaction was, oh it looks like a crows feather. I was wondering if you knew the meaning of this, if any? Thanks.

Many blessings,


Dear Jamie,

Feathers are usually subtle messages of Angels love. Your message does not sound too subtle. Have you been paying attention to signs or asking for one? Either way, it certainly got your attention… so it worked.

Angels use your life experiences to communicate. A black feather means different things to different people. Example: I could’ve grown up in a rural area where black feathers

were found all the time. If this was the case, and I found a black feather… it would bring me into fond memories. I live at the Jersey Shore and never see black feathers … I could think it was a message of looming danger, it would be that. When you think of a black feather what is your message?

This is what the native americans say about black feathers: A glossy black feather from a raven or crow means “send a messenger to the unseen worlds for help or answers.” Which really means meditate on it to find the answers.

Blessings for a wonderful day…. and many more feathers to come!


Thanks for writing this. My initial response when I saw it was that is was good luck. A blessing.

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