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What does defined contribution mean

what does defined contribution mean

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Joshua Freedman says:

Tom, thank you for your comment and your service. You raise 3 key ingredients in your comment: dedication, blend, and the love of being part. I suspect your depth of first-hand experience in many teams goes far beyond mine, I imagine in 10 tours (not to mention the rest of your career & life) you’ve been part of many many many groups, and some earn the title of “team,” and a few stand out. Quick thoughts on the 3 ingredients:

  • Dedication: As I said in my comment to Rob, on this page, the power of shared purpose.
  • Blend of difference: I think in the Vital Signs Model this comes in the intersection “teamwork” and “change” and must be mediated by trust — without trust, we see the “other” as an obstacle… like you, I find

    incredible power in the intersection of different perspectives and skills… and it’s hard to manage.

  • Love of being part: I believe belonging is one of the most profound of human motivators — in itself, not sufficient, but without this there is no “teamness”

Rob Harrison says:

I wonder if in larger corporations there is more specialization of duties, and hence a loss of that team work sense, let alone how what a person does fits into the overall product and that to the overall mission of the organization.

I will say this though. Our new chief came in and immediately began enlisting others to see how we could cut costs and improve efficiency. He also embraced and supports our work at Whidbey CareNet, and our mission is now gearing towards environmental change as well as individual change.

Joshua Freedman says:

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