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What does disbursement mean

what does disbursement mean

What is a gift deed for real estate?

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The abbreviation "et al." also appear in many other contexts. It is typically used in bibliographical entries and citations, especially when citing a source with a lengthy list of authors. In a footnote citing a book with several authors, the first author is listed, followed by the words "et al." to indicate the other authors.

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In what situations might someone need a quick claim deed for a property?

Someone may need to file a quit claim deed when the transfer of property is a gift, or when a joint owner wants to transfer his interest in the property to the other owner, explains SF Gate. A quit claim deed does not warrant the title of the property.

What is a joint tenancy warranty deed?

A deed is a written document that transfers title of property from one or more grantors to one or more grantees, and a warranty deed is one type. Joint tenancy is a particular way for more than one person to hold title in property, as opposed to tenancy in common.

What are important measures to take when you sign over a deed?

Important measures to take when signing over a deed include consulting a real estate attorney, establishing a legal description of the property, determining the type of deed transfer, and delivery and acceptance of the deed, reports A real estate attorney can prepare and file the real estate transfer deed and establish a legal description of the property.

What is vesting on a warranty deed?

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