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If Obamacare Isn’t Repealed, How Will It Affect You?

The House of Representatives plans to vote Wednesday on repealing Obamacare.

If Congress does not repeal the health care law–repeal also requires approval by both the liberal-controlled Senate and President Obama–what happens then?

Obamacare will affect everyone. Not only does it centralize power in the federal government and create  a one-size-fits all healthcare system, it also breaks President Obama’s tax promises by massively increasing taxes on middle-class Americans.

No one is shielded from the effects of this massive, over-reaching legislation, and The Heritage Foundation wants you to know how this legislation could impact you, your family, and your neighbors.


Obamacare  cuts so deeply into Medicare Advantage that half of seniors now covered will lose their coverage. Additionally, it makes health care access more costly and difficult by cutting Medicare and taxing drug companies and medical device makers.


Obamacare designates $125 million a year

for school health centers which could deny parents knowledge about the care their children receive. The health law even includes a program targeting teen pregnancy that neglects to incorporate a requirement to reduce abortions.


Uninsured Americans


Obamacare burdens businesses with $52 billion in new taxes by mandating they provide health insurance for their employees and imposing other new regulations. These new direct and indirect costs will inhibit business growth and success.

America’s future

Obamacare imposes half a trillion dollars in new taxes, many of which will hit the middle class, and adds $500 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years and $1.5 trillion in the decade following—a burden for the next generation of taxpayers.

Whether you’re a senior, a small business owner, a parent, or a taxpayer, Obamacare’s bad policies create too great a cost for you and for future generations of Americans.

Let us know: how would Obamacare impact you ?

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