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Our clients pay no commissions, trading costs, or brokerage fees.* Instead, Edelman Managed Asset Program ® (EMAP) features a single annual fee. It is calculated quarterly and debited from your account in arrears, based on the beginning and ending values of all the accounts in your household (adjusted for any money you deposit or withdraw during the quarter). Your quarterly statement will show the management fee for the quarter; you will also receive a year-end summary.

The fee is based on the value of your account. So the more you invest, and the higher your account value grows, the lower your rate – potentially providing valuable savings to you.

The fee schedule for Traditional EMAP is:

  • First $150,000 2.00%
  • Next $250,000 1.65%
  • Next $350,000 1.25%
  • Next $250,000


  • Next $2 million 0.75%
  • Next $7 million 0.60%
  • Next $15 million 0.50%
  • Amounts above $25 million are negotiable

*The wrap fee does not include certain account and securities-related costs including the fees and expenses embedded in the mutual funds (including management fees, transaction charges incurred for fund-level asset allocation model trades, custody of fund assets and other fund expenses), ETFs or annuities in which wrap fee accounts invest. Depending on your situation you may incur a debit balance fee, margin interest, an IRA or retirement plan fee, transfer fees, SEC fees, 12b-1 fees for certain money market funds, wire transfer fees, overnight check fees, account closing fees, transaction charges incurred for fund level asset allocation model trades, or other fees or taxes as required by law.

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