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By Ralph Thomas

Editorial Note: Recently an eight pointed remark was made on the private-eye list about how to go about locating a debtor skip for an auto repossession with an ending remark--what would you do next? Here are the eight-point remarks with my suggestions. 1. Credit Bureau Header? Only as a matter of due diligence, in case the skipper has changed his address for his Sears account since the lenders gnomes ran it last week. he hasn't.

COMPUTER SEARCHES: CREDIT HEADERS: Aren't going to show up with a new address on everyone and some are smart enough to know not to fill certain paperwork out that might end up there. However, many are not. Moreover. there is going to be a great deal more INPUT than from just Sears or another credit card. Job applications and applications for apartments many times end up as credit bureau headers. They are worth running perodically again. TIP: If your client is a lending institution or bank, they can run this stuff for you. Get them too. BUT make sure you are getting all three credit bureau networks. You'd be surpised at the ones that still don't have all three.

FROM THE SKIPPER'S SIDE: He might just fill out a mailordered credit card form that says he moved to the other side of the country which ends up as an address in credit bureau header info. 2. DMV? In this state, it takes months to finally register on the state traffic DISPOSITIONS listing. He's changed cohabiteurs twice since then. Some states are BETTER than others--county records are usually the most current. Key things to remember is:


This may or may not help. He could drive on an expired license (many do) and use someone else's tag or whatever--but it's worth considering. LOCAL COURT TRAFFIC TICKETS! There might have some and there's a lot of info in them. Go to the courthouse, check the record index--pull the ticket--collect ALL the information on it. Most people get tickets within a fifty mile radius of where they live but remember, there's always exceptions to the general rule. 3. Doorknocks? If you're confident that whoever answers the door is willing to loan their car to the deadbeat once you pull it home. This one won't. Knock again--another day--another investigator-try a Uniform and a dozen roses in your hand. Some are better at this than others. 4. Telephone Pretexts? Assuming that the deadbeat hasn't told anyone he's hiding from the repo man, this would work. He did. Even if he did--some are better at pretexts than others. Do what you do best and hire out the rest. 5. Real Property index? Only if the deadbeat would rather lose the car in spite of having lots of money for house payments, etc. Not likely, and not this time. I would doubt if someone who can not make their car payment would be out buying real estate but you missed the point. Sometimes real estate transactions show other things such as real estate brokers, third parties--these are all people who might have leads. You are more likely to find an eviction or foreclosure than anything else, These little gems still have leads. 6. Court Records? It's happened that a scheduled court appearance has been discovered that allowed for following him FROM court to the car, but this ensures an interesting disagreement over who leads as you dance inside the opened car door. Good luck if you think you can find the car while he's attending the hearing. He's not scheduled. Court records can often produce other things. The important point in a skip trace investigation is to collect all the information on the subject that you don't have because each piece you don't have might be a lead to other sources or used as the missing puzzle to find him. For example, depositions in divorce records can produce all kinds of info you don't have. Civil records will produce attorneys and a kind of enemy's list. Marriage records produce a name of church or preacher.

CIVIL LIST OF PROCESS SERVED: Many times, I have found addresses of recent service of process in civil court records because it seems people under a track down of a repo man many times have lots of people trying to extract funds from them in a court of law. The process sever and/or law firm already did all the work tracking the guy down--you just copy the address on file and go repo the car. 7. Call his draft board? Who's old enough to remember this gem? If he's in the service, he just can not hide. Get Col. Dick Johnson's manual-- HOW TO LOCATE ANYONE IN THE MILITARY

Ok, so what's a pro to do from here? What's the very next source to check?

I know the answer, and so do some of the other regular writers on this INTERACTIVE list. Trouble is, I think there's more than a dozen people out there with good ideas, but they don't get involved in posting them because they're either too shy, stupid, lazy, busy, selfish, new, old, forgetful, or. yeah, that about covers it. If you don't respond, you don't get to pick busy, I've already assigned that one to the ones who always post ideas. I don't really think there would be "the answer" depending on the case----here are some ideas around resources: Traffic tickets are good.

Good old fashioned gumshoe investigations helps. If he's still married, stop looking for him and start looking for his wife, his children or his dog. I once found a repo case by tracing the family pet. KEY HOLIDAYS AND BIRTHDAYS: In my repo days, we usually repoed more cars on Xmas eve than any other time in the year. We simple kept driving buy gandma's house and mom and dad's. Birthdays and other holidays are useful.

PEOPLE SOMETIMES GO BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM: If a skip in Florida was from Pittsburg before he moved to Florida, there's a good change he went "Home" There are many records you can find that point in certain directions: SSN NUMBER EMPLOYMENT RECORDS OLD GIRLFRIENDS PEOPLE WHO KNEW HIM OR HER FRIENDS AND ENEMIES HANGOUTS AND HOBBIES: One time we traced a two bit actor by targeting a certain area developed from other leads and monitoring the local actor plays. This one was a life insurance fraud. He had changed his name--but we found him in a two-bit theater in Washington State. His photo was in the theater program. BARS-- -(repos seem to go along with heavy drinking--many have problems but have a favorite hangout--find it and he'll show up) BOWLING ALLEYS: People will go to great lengths to hide from the repo man but they aren't going to give up their favorite sport. Most bowling alleys have lists of area bowling teams--so do many other sports.

PEOPLE ESTABLISHED IN ONE PROFESSION, USUALLY STAY IN ONE PROFESSION: We once where on the trial of a good car salesman who skipped out. By simply canvassing car dealers in targeted areas developed though other leads, we were able to find the skip. GET HIM TO CALL YOU AND USE CALLER ID, THAT TYPE OF THING: It requires a great deal of work on your part--sometimes it works--sometimes not. WHO REALLY KNOWS WHERE HE'S AT: MOM REALLY KNOWS DAD REALLY KNOWS GRANDMA LIKELY KNOWS They didn't tell you--ask again--ask correctly--ask intelligently--like, "well, the investigative bills keep mounting and he'll eventually have to pay." PEOPLE ARE MOTIVED BY THREE THINGS: A) Money (consider offering an award) B) Pride (You can sometimes use this to get what you came for) C) Fear (stress the disadvantages of not telling) FOLLOWING OTHER TRAILS: Boating, biking, barbershop singing, pot smoking, reading dirty magazines, church gatherings, sky diving and scruba diving, book reading, computer running--these are all special interests with hidden trails in them you can sometimes sniff out, target in on and maybe repo that car! OTHER BUSINESS TIPS! CHARGE FOR INVESTIGATIONS! Let the other guy take the case from the client that's willing to pay a flat $49.00 with no expenses-no investigation fees and no driver allowance--you'll be better off in the long run! BAD CLIENTS! Buy-here-pay here-used car lots! Some are worse than the repoee himself!

MORE RESOURCES You'll find tons of other advanced skip trace techniques and tips you can use in the all

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