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What Do I Do If Someone Puts a Lien Against My House?

what happens to my house if i file bankruptcy

A lien on your house may require you to settle a debt before you sell it.


Mortgage debt is only one of several kinds of liens. Governments will file tax liens against your property if you fall behind in your property taxes. Contractors and subcontractors can file liens on your property if they aren't paid for their work, the Nolo legal website states. Depending on state law, other creditors may be able to file a lien for unpaid debts too: In California, for example, liens can be filed over unpaid alimony or child support.


Having an enforceable lien on your property will make selling, refinancing or taking out a second mortgage harder, the Houston Consumer Law website states: The debt is attached to the property, not

you, and few people want to buy a property someone already has a financial claim on. The California courts website states that most lienholders can expect to be paid when a property is sold.



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