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Is the LG G3 secretly water-resistant? Check out this video and see for yourself!

Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 01:39. by Luis D.

The LG G3 is a smartphone full of surprises! Although its spec sheet reads like a high-end hardware apotheosis, water and dust resistance never made it to the final list. At least officially. But what did you know? Here's a video by Harris Craycraft, which shows how LG's flagship survives a variety of water torture methods, including being submerged under water for a full two hours, screen on and everything. Afterwards, the smartphone appears to work without a hitch!


i got mine on monday. nice screen, im watching youtube and its not even warm so i dont get why people are saying its heating. if its heating easily its probably because you have a 2gb ram model, or if you set the brightness at 100% which i dont know why people do. i dont play games much on phone so i dont know. but if you play graphic intensive games, all phones will heat.

i suggest you

get the 3gb ram model if you can.

plus if you came from phones like m8, z2 you will think the phone is slow but other than those phones, the phone is fast. the reason it will feel slow is that they dont customise their phones (near vanilla os). but i personally dont like vanilla os

the only lag i have felt was the home button and the multitask button, the rest is blazing fast.

battery is good but it also depends on how much you use. i last around 1.5-2 days with 3+ hours of on screen time.

if you want the best battery i would insist on getting the z2, it lasts 3 days with 5+ on screen time.

try this site, this is an australian site but people like me who buy international models talk about the phone and battery life etc.

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