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Forensic accountants collect and analyze financial information for evidence of illegal activity, often in support of law enforcement agencies. Their duties include tracing money, examining documents and computer files, and preparing reports on what they find. They often assist prosecutors with strategic planning and help interview witnesses prior to a trial. They prepare evidence for court proceedings in both criminal and civil cases -- for example, in divorce cases. During trials, forensic accountants testify about their findings and appear as expert witnesses.


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Forensic accounting is a specialization of accounting that uses auditing and investigating to determine if accounting fraud has taken place within a.

Forensic accountants work in investigative auditing and accounting to produce analyses that can be used in a court of law. The investigation.

Materials that will help you here include "Auditors Guide to Forensic Accounting," by Golden and Skalak, and "Fraud Examination," by Albrecht.

Forensic Accounting. Forensic accountants go through financial records and documents looking for evidence of such things as money laundering or fraud.


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