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How atm card works

how atm card works

Things You'll Need

Drivers license or other identification


Insert your credit card into an automated teller machine (ATM). Following the screen prompts, type in your personal identification code (PIN) associated with your card. If you don't have a PIN for your card, contact the card issuer to request one. Some banks allow the cardholder to request a PIN by phone or over the Internet, while others require the cardholder to fill out a form and mail it in. It's a good idea to have a PIN for all your credit cards so that you can have easy access to cash advances at ATMs. When the ATM accepts your PIN, follow the prompts to tell the machine how much cash to give you.

Visit any bank that accepts the type of card that you carry during normal banking hours and inform the teller that you want to get a credit card

cash advance. You'll need to present a driver's license or other identification that matches the name on your card. The teller will obtain authorization for the advance from your card issuer and ask you to sign a slip for the amount of the withdrawal. Once you've completed this process, the teller will give you the amount of cash you've requested along with a receipt.

Write a convenience check payable to yourself and deposit it to your regular bank account. The amount of the advance will be charged to your card and will appear on your next statement. Most card providers issue convenience checks along with the card. These checks can also be used to obtain a cash advance from your account. If you didn't receive any checks along with your card, call the issuer to find out whether you can obtain them. Some issuers also allow you request these checks via their websites.

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