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What is a buy out bond

what is a buy out bond

PrEPping for PrIDE with Mx Bond (June, you’re too much. )

Hello You,

So many amazing things are going on right now I had to jump on the hopper and blog about it! PLEASE READ ON.

ART is happening.

Mx is the word!

PrEPping for PrIDE


This is the final week of my solo exhibition at VITRINE in London so if you’re in the area go and see it. Sunday June 13 is the final day and I’m so proud, happy and thrilled to have had the glorious opportunity to show my work in Lonon!  A big thank you to the wonderful Alys Williams, Philip Howe and the rest of the staff at Vitrine for making the show the huge success it’s been.

Look forward to a big piece about the show in the next issue of BOMB magazine. In the new issue I’m in conversation with one of my personal heros JOY EPISALLA about my work, the show and SOOOO many other things. I’m unbelievably honored to be a part of that fantastic magazine. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED! It’s major.

Here ‘s the info for the show:


MX is the WORD!

There was a great story in The New York TImes about the quickly evolving use of non-binaristic language around gender by Katherine Rosman on Sunday which included a few quotes from me and my beloved Kate Bornstein. The photo by Elizabeth Lippman was taken a few years ago in the community garden next to my apartment building. I’d never seen it before but it sure is nice, isn’t it?

PrEPping for PrIDE

I’m going to be performing SWALLOW MY PRIDE -my 2015 PriDE show in Toronto June 26th  in Younge-Dundas Square (FREE. ) and at Joe’s Pub June 27th and 28th!  I’m thinking that since it’s the 40th (AND LAST!) year of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festiva l. I might have to put together a little tribute! Why not? NOTE: Penises (real or imagined) are welcome at all Justin Vivian Bond shows. As a matter of fact feel free to whip ‘em out. Those things can be funny as hell. Same goes for vaginas, but stirrups, saddles, slings, etc will NOT be provided. You know, in other words, COME AS YOU ARE.

Be PrEPared! Get your tickets now.

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