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What is a cameo coin

what is a cameo coin

New Purchases from World's Fair of Money Now Photographed in Regular Inventory & Listed Below. A Few More to Come

New Credit Card Acceptance Policy

Due to an increase in fraudulent credit card activity on my website, I will no longer accept credit card orders from new customers. If you are not an established customer with Aspen Park RC, please call 303-471-6074 to arrange another form of payment.

Change in "Terms and Conditions":

I have raised the fee for returning a coin paid by credit card from 2% to 3%, reflecting my actual credit card processing costs. To explain, if you pay for a coin by credit card, I am charged a credit card processing fee which averages 3%. So a coin selling for $1000 which is paid by credit card nets me $970. If the coin is returned and I process a credit, I do not get a refund of the 3%. So I will either credit your CC 97% of the purchase price or send a refund check for the same amount.

Signature Required on all Packages:

All packages will have to be signed for upon receipt. Please keep this in mind when giving me your mailing address.

New US – August, ANA World’s Fair of Money

1795 Talbut Cent MS63BN PCGS Very pleasing overall and conservatively graded. Well struck front and back with even chocolate brown color and full luster…$1075

1809/6 Classic Half Cent (C-5) MS61BN NGC Well struck and free of distracting marks. Even chocolate brown color and good luster finish this early Classic…$1535

*ON HOLD* 1837 Feuchtwanger Cent MS65 NGC / CAC A Gem example showing a solid strike, superb surfaces and blazing luster. Very tough to locate in this condition…$1350

1853 Braided Hair Half Cent MS64BN NGC Very nice type with a solid strike and even chocolate brown color with tinges of red. Distraction free and good luster….$650

*ON HOLD* 1852 Braided Hair Cent MS66RB A sparkling GEM that is basically fully RED with no carbon or splotchy appearance, this coin is truly a wonder. Needle sharp strike, superb surfaces and blazing RED luster. This is the most RED RB I have ever seen and I have seen many graded RD that are considerably less red. If this coin had “RD” printed on the label, it would sell for around $7000. This gorgeous type coin is…$2800

1864 "L on Ribbon" Indian Cent MS66RB PCGS An amazing GEM with gorgeous glowing original RED in and around the devices. Needle sharp strike and superb, lustrous surfaces add to the phenomonal eye-appeal of this classic Indian. $9650

1864 Two Cent MS65RD PCGS Needle sharp strike with rich deep RED color and and full luster. An eye-appealing type…$1850

1830 Cap Bust Dime MS63 NGC (Early NGC case) Very conservatively graded and well struck on both sides, this lovely Bust Dime is layered with silvery blue patina over good luster. A candidate for a higher grade…$2675

1875-CC Twenty Cent AU50 PCGS / CAC A perfect virgin original circ. Well struck with even medium to deep silvery gray patina and considerable remaining luster. A poster child for the grade…$1685

1807 Draped Bust Half VF30 PCCS As perfect and pleasing as this type can be for the grade. Solid even strike with exceptional detail on original two-tone medium gray patina….$1375

1807 Cap Bust Half (Lg. Stars, 50/20) XF45 PCGS WOW, this first year of issue is absolutely exceptional in EVERY way. Starting with a solid strike front and back showing sharp detailing. Light even wear and distraction free and finished with virgin original surfaces, medium silvery gray patina with blue highlights and tinges of sparkling luster around the peripheries. You will not find a better example for the grade…$2375

1818/7 Cap Bust Half (Lg. 8) XF45 PCGS Another virgin original that started life with a solid strike and shows even wear and wonderful medium silvery gray tone…$1085

1883 Seated Half PF65 CAMEO NGC A beautifully toned Cameo Gem. Just the lighted hint of silvery patina with violet and blue peripheral toning framing the obverse. Bright CAMEO devices contrast deep reflective mirrors. Reverse is similar with light rose center and deep blue peripheries. A Gorgeous type…$3750

*ON HOLD* 1796 Draped Bust / Sm. Eagle Dollar (Lg. Date, Sm. Letters) VF30 PCGS A wonderful original of this super tough type. Most Small Eagle dollars exhibit problems that include weak strike, distracting adjustment marks, harsh cleanings, gouges and unattractive toning. This piece is one of the few exceptions. Starting with a solid strike overall, this coin shows all design details and lettering in full clarity. Even wear overall with superb eye-appeal via medium original silvery gray patina with areas of very light silvery patina in and around the stars, letters and devices, showing sparkling luster and contrasting the design elements. Great type at an affordable price…$6500

1 799 Draped Bust Dollar VF35 PCGS Basically a perfect original circulated example that started life with a full, strong strike and shows even wear without distracting marks or adjustment marks. Finished with even medium silvery gray tone, just the way you want it. The quintessential type coin…$3850

1886 Morgan Dollar MS65* NGC (Battle Creek Collection) Beautiful toning from the original mint bag on both sides of this Gem Morgan. Fully struck with blazing luster. An arc of blue and gold at the left periphery and graduated golden, rose and blue on the reverse. Bright and beautiful. Very scarce with bag toning on both sides…$1800.00

1853 Gold Dollar T-1 MS64 PCGS Sharply struck, basically free of marks and fully lustrous. A top of the grade specimen…$1250

1874 $3 Gold AU58 PCGS / CAC Very pleasing example with just a hint of wear and full luster. CAC stickered…$1800

1907 $10 Indian (No Motto) MS62 PCGS A premium example for the grade, featuring a full strike and minimal marks with the top end eye-appeal associated with the date…$1950

1892 Columbian Half MS65 NGC Blue and violet rainbow toning enhance this well struck Gem…$550

1926 Sesqui Half MS64 NGC An original brilliant near GEM with just a hint of patina on intense, sparkling luster. Very top of the grade…$475

1934 Texas MS67 PCGS / CAC A true original Superb Gem with bright, brilliant centers and lovely golden-orange peripheral toning on both sides. Top end eye-appeal…$1250


*ON HOLD* c.460-420, Ionia, Teos, AR Stater (24mm, 11.97g) NGC AU, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5 A very attractive, clear and well detailed example of this type, which often comes without much form or clarity….$1750

*ON HOLD* 359-336 BC, Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II, AR Tetradrachm (22mm, 14.30g) NGC Ch AU, Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5 Very pleasing portrait of Zeus is sharply struck and perfectly centered on great metal. Reverse is equally sharp and the surfaces are lustrous overall. $2150

AD 244-249, Roman Provincial, Syria - Antioch, Philip I, BI Tetradrachm (25mm, 11.56g) NGC Ch MS, Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5 A superb example. Needle sharp and perfectly centered on both sides, with all design details and lettering bold. It would be a considerable search to find a better example…$1050

My Journey into the Fascinating World of Ancient Coins

I started looking at ancient coins seriously at the April, 2011 Chicago International Show, which is dominated by ancients. I looked at every coin at the show and auction and noticed that very few really drew my attention. There was lots of stuff…but few exceptional coins. I was also struck by the fact that the prices of the coins I liked seemed incredibly inexpensive, considering how few there were in the room that I wanted. So I began to buy coins, not knowing a Greek from a Roman from a Parthian……. Since that time, I have devoted more than a thousand hours to study, mostly by viewing every ancient at every show and auction and comparing prices and also pouring over major auction catalogs going back about 20 years. Any farther back and the photos and descriptions are so lacking that the catalogs are of no value to me. In this way I have viewed thousands of the best ancients sold over the past couple decades.

Every ancient is different and the artistry of the dies vary dramatically. Most types have hundreds, if not thousands of different dies, made by a myriad of different die cutters, some inept, some talented and some masters. In addition, every flan is different and every strike is different. Beyond these considerations, surface quality and toning also vary dramatically and those characteristics are seldom addressed by most dealers or auction catalogs when selling raw coins. Surface quality is extremely important in the valuation of ancients and it cannot be evaluated when viewing the great majority of photographs on dealer websites and auction catalogs. Like fingerprints, no two coins are the same. I am bringing the APRC eye into the fascinating arena of ancient coins and I plan to offer the best coins available on this website. There is more subjectivity to the evaluation of quality and value than in any other segment of numismatics. and I am well-known to excel in that evaluation.

My goal is to offer ancients of exceptional quality and beauty. I am hoping to buy and sell these wonderful relics for many years to come. After collecting rare coins for more than 50 years and dealing in them for more than 30, I have come to believe they are the most fascinating segment of the numismatic market. The historical significance and sheer artistry is unrivaled in my opinion by any other area of numismatics.

I try to price coins at "fair market" value. But as you will begin to understand as you enter the realm of ancient coins, that value can be somewhat difficult to ascertain. I encourage collectors to research values as best they can. There is a huge amount of information available on the internet if you dig for it. I also encourage collectors to check out the websites of other ancient dealers to see what is available on the market and get an idea of current pricing. Be aware that auction pricing can be out of date and that most photographs of raw coins convey little or no information about surface quality or patina.

My general policy is that once a coin is placed on hold, the price will remain the same. The exception to that rule is if I have made a mistake and priced the coin incorrectly when I listed it. I will not be held to any pricing errors or typos. I feel completely free to change the price after a customer has considered a particular coin and passed.

My conclusion is that it is the customer’s responsibility to research the values of any coin he is considering and to be comfortable with the purchase. Do your research before you buy. And I would apprciate it if you would do your research before I send a coin on sight approval. I understand you want to see the coin, but please be comfortable with the price before you ask me to send it.

A Quick Note About my Photographs: For some reason, many of my photos tend to have a reddish cast that is not on the coin. I have noticed that a photograph taken at a certain angle shows this characteristic and from another angle, it may not. So my conclusion is this is caused by some sort of prism effect in the plastic. Please read my descriptions when viewing a coin and keep this in mind. I try to edit the photo to match the coin as closely as possible, but it is not always possible to entirely negate this effect.

Another problem I encounter, particularly with ancients, is that the design is sometimes of such high relief, that I cannot get the entire design to be in focus with the Macro lens I use and its inherently narrow depth of field. What might look somewhat mushy or out of focus is probably a photography problem, not the coin.

One last point to keep in mind is that the color balance of your computer screen will not be exactly the same as mine, so each screen will present the photo with a slightly different look.

Sign Up for the New Ancients Email List

I have started a separate email list for Ancient customers. If you would like to receive an email notification when new ancient coins have been added to the web sight, please send me an email. The great majority of ancient coins I have been buying are raw and I send them to NGC for grading, which takes about 30-40 days turn around. So I will be photographing and uploading new purchases onto my web sight at different times than the US coins, which are added within one week of returning from a show.

I love coins and my website has always been a reflection of my personal interests in rare coins. I started collecting coins at the age of eight and have been a professional rare coin dealer for more than 33 years. This long, enjoyable journey seems to have found an end in ancient coins. I find all ancients interesting and Greek ancients in particular, fascinating. The history and artistry is unmatched in my opinion. Exceptional specimens of all ancients are scarce and I love the challenge of finding great coins. My interest has coincidentally coincided with NGC starting to grade them and I believe the market will grow considerably as collectors who are accustomed to "slabbed" coins become exposed to NGC ancients and grow more and more comfortable with this exciting area of numismatics.

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