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What Is The Best Cure For A Sore Throat?

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Sore throat remedies are pure gold to the person who can’t swallow or eliminate this condition.    If you are suffering from one, I feel for you because all of us have had one at one time or another, and it makes you feel lousy.  Sadly, it’s part of life.   But how do we get a sore throat in the first place?   Is it from a bug, a chill, or a virus?  And what is the best cure for a sore throat?  How do you get rid of a sore throat quickly?  Well, here are the facts.

A sore throat can be caused by a number of things – a virus, bacteria, sinus drainage, allergies, muscle strain, regularly breathing through the mouth, or even certain medications, such as antibiotics.

If your sore throat is caused by a virus (such as the common cold) or causes other than bacteria, there is much you can do right at home to get rid of it quickly.

The first thing you should do is reach for your jar of honey.  Honey is a very good sore throat remedy.  How so?  Well, honey is proven to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Also, due to the consistency of honey, it is very soothing for sore throats, coughs and bronchial ailments.  It has been used for centuries by Greeks, Italians and Hungarians.  So honey for sore throats is not a new concept. The best one to reach for is raw honey (found here ).

The second thing to reach for is plain old salt.   Salt also has been used for centuries in medicine as a preservative and healing agent.  Used with the honey, you have a powerful tool to get rid of that soreness easily, and it is an inexpensive sore throat remedy.  Here’s what you do.

1.  Gargle with the salt in warm water first to reduce swelling and discomfort, then..

2. Mix one tablespoon of honey in very warm water and sip

on this mixture.   Not only will it soothe your throat, but it will also help to coat your throat and fight certain bacteria that may be lurking.   Also, look at the end of this post for an excellent remedy “in a cup” to relieve and even prevent sore throats in the first place.  I like to drink this delicious, spicy drink when I am cold, in the winter months, or even if I feel like I’m coming down with a cold.  It is easy and will have you feeling like your old self in no time at all, and it will help you get rid of a sore throat if you have one already.

3. Although it may be uncomfortable because of the soreness, drink plenty of liquids to keep yourself hydrated and keep your throat moist.

4. A few times per day, try eating or sucking on ice pops or another cold confection to help soothe the throat to aid in the eliminating of the soreness.

5. Another thing I’ve found that tops the sore throat remedies list and works wonders are zinc lozenges.  These little fellows are excellent.   If you are caring for little ones, make sure they are old enough to handle hard items in the mouth to avoid chocking.

6. Even though it seems obvious, it bears mentioning that you should get plenty of quality rest.  Rest is important so that your body can heal and fight off that infection and soreness.

If you have a sore throat that lasts for more than a couple of days, or if you experience fever and other symptoms along with the sore throat, you may need to see your doctor.    Okay, here’s the sore throat remedy I promised.  You will find yourself using this one many times throughout the year.   Enjoy in good health!!

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