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“Rebuilding Trust at Work” - By Jenniffer Weigel. Chicago Tribune

Over 90 percent of betrayals that occur within the workplace are minor and unintentional- little things such as snapping at a co-worker, breaking engagements, or withholding information from employees. Yet these little things can become major issues and wreck havoc on relationships within the workplace if left alone and ignored. (more )

Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace Wins Axiom Silver Book Award

Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace was recently named the 2011 Axiom Silver Book Award Winner for Business Ethics. This is Dennis and Michelle Reina’s second award-winning book. Their first book, Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace. won the 2008 Axiom Bronze Medal Business Book Award in Communication Skills/Networking and the 2007 Nautilus Silver Medal Business Book Award in Working Relationships.

“Once burned, twice shy? You can learn to trust on job again” - By Anita Bruzzese. USA Today

The Reinas shed light on a common problem faced by the majority of today’s workforce – the depletion of trust among employees due to the change in economy. Many employees have experienced a loss of trust in their employer due to layoffs, downsizing, and mergers. The Reinas discuss how to cope with these changes to increase trust. (more )

"Restoring Trust in the Workplace" - By Laura Raines. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Michelle and Dennis Reina discuss how major and minor betrayals brought about by the recent economic downturn can significantly impact employee morale and decrease organizational productivity. (more )

Trust Across America Lists Dennis and Michelle Reina among the "Top 100 Thought Leaders" for 2010

Trust Across America has listed Dennis and Michelle Reina among their Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior for 2010. Joining the Reinas on this list are the CEOs of the Ten Most Trustworthy Public Companies as well as management gurus such as Jim Collins, Rosabeth M. Kanter, Warren Bennis, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Dennis Reina says he and Michelle are “excited and honored by the acknowledgement because it represents an opportunity to raise the overall awareness of trust

as the basis for business and personal success.” (more )

Trust plays a critical role in employees’ job satisfaction. Almost half of all workers who plan on searching for a new job cite a loss of trust in their employer as the reason, according to a recent Deloitte survey. In this podcast, Dr. Michelle Reina describes how trust can be lost, and what can be done to rebuild it. Click here to listen to the podcast.

"Career Watch Q & A: Dennis and Michelle Reina" - By Jamie Eckle. Computer World Magazine

The Reinas discuss how the recession has damaged trust between employers and workers. (more )

Reina Trust Building Institute Serves Its First Client in South Africa

Reina Trust Building Institute has expanded the international reach of its services. In the coming months, it will be working with the South African branch of an energy company based in Sydney, Australia. This opportunity marks the first time the Reina Trust Building Institute has worked on the African continent.

"Why Does Trust Matter?" - ASTD Webinar, February 3, 2011

Learn how to successfully overcome betrayals and broken trust within your workplace. Click here to view a recent webinar presentation by Dennis and Michelle Reina that focuses on applying their Seven Steps for Healing® process to rebuild broken trust.

Reina Trust Building Institute Launches Trust Building at Work Newsletter

The Reina Trust Building Institute has launched its e-newsletter, Trust Building® at Work. The newsletter provides articles, tips, tools and resources that help readers tackle everyday trust issues within the workplace. Click here to read the current edition of Trust Building® at Work and join the Trust Building® Community.

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Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace :

Seven Steps to Renew Confidence, Commitment, and Energy

2011 Axiom Silver Business Book Award Winner in Business Ethics

The only book that provides a step-by-step guide for rebuilding trust at work, and the first to give equal weight to what to do when you have hurt others.

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