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What is a depository

what is a depository


  • Obtain Florida criminal history information on an individual from us using our web site .
  • Obtain Florida criminal history information on an individual from us through US Mail .
  • Wanted persons and missing persons information may be obtained by accessing the FDLE Public Access System .
  • State and national criminal history information is available to governmental agencies for licensing and employment as required under Florida law. If you need more information on this, you may contact the agency that governs the type of employment in which you are interested. For example, if you are interested in working for an elementary school, you would contact the local school district; if you are interested in a concealed weapon permit, you would contact the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services/Division of Licensing where this licensing occurs. To determine if a criminal history check is required in your situation, you can search the Florida Statutes for specific laws on the Florida

    Legislature's web site On-Line Sunshine .

  • Both state and national information are also available to organizations that can qualify for this information under federal law. To learn more about what is required for an organization to become qualified, please see our Volunteer and Employee Background Check information .
  • The national Compact Council provides instruction on verifying a person’s identity which is crucial to the value of conducting a criminal history check. Identity Verification Program Guide .
  • The FBI’s website has information on taking legible fingerprints which may be useful in training persons who will be rolling prints for submission on inked fingerprint cards or through livescan systems.
  • Information on background checks for public school contractors, especially as related to the contractor requirements under Jessica Lunsford Act .
  • Background checks for private schools receiving McKay Scholarship money can be found on the Private School Information page.
  • To learn more about state and national checks, see Fact Sheet .
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