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Building a Clod Killer on a Budget

what is a flex budget

I am a huge fan of Tamiya and its legendary Clod Buster, and maybe you are too. The iconic monster truck is without a doubt a significant part of RC history and immensely popular. But, after a 25+ year run, I can’t help but feel that it’s time to give this old dog a run for its money. I’m not alone in this quest as many have joined this new craze and built non-Clod based monster trucks. Well, here is my take on the modern monster–all done on a budget. What’s in a name? Not much more could be clearer about the intent of the project with a name like “Clod Killer.” I have to give

credit of this name to my friend and founder of RC Truck Stop, Matt Higgins, and his build. Matt set out and built a wild rig a little while back. His build–lightheartedly dubbed a “Clod Killer”–is built specifically for racing. I admit his truck is more impressive than my build, but mine is built with a focus on being a budget-friendly build–built to kills Clods, not your bank account.

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jon says:

another great build from rctruckstop.

i like how the tires are tucked in a bit, over the knuckles. it looks to have good monster truck proportions; wheelbase, width, and axle exposed between the tires.

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