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What is Inside Your Driving Records

Do you know what's in your driving record? The DMV keeps a history of all the violations, convictions, collisions and departmental actions which you have incurred. Your driving records will contain information about any accidents you were part of, how many demerit points you collected, unpaid parking tickets, and any DUIs which your were convicted of. If you want to know whats in your driving record then find your state on the map below and click on it.

Driving Records are Important

Driving records are used extensively by insurance companies for determining what premiums you should pay. If you don't know what's in your driving record then you could be paying unnecessarily high premiums. Driving records are also used by employers as part of their screening process, even if the job will not involve driving. What's more, you might be passed over for jobs because some companies will consider any blemish on your driving record unacceptable. To find if you might be in this situation find your

state on the map below and click on it.

One question you might have is: what's the point of knowing your driving record if you can't change it?

If that were the case then it wouldn't make a lot of sense to get your record, but you can in fact improve your record. First of all, the DMV is not perfect. Your driving record can contain errors, and the DMV will remove them if you bring it to their attention. To find the contact information of your nearest DMV visit here. Second, even if everything is correct some aspects of your driving record can be improved. For example, if you have too many demerit points then you should think about going to a traffic school. Some states will allow you to attend a traffic school and decrease the number of points you have.

In short, if you are a driver then you need to know your driving record. Find your state on the map below to start the process of getting your record.

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