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What is a parachute payment

Attention PPC Pilots.

Although the Powered Parachute Bible was written specifically for pilots of the powered parachute, pilots of fixed wing, flex wing, and paragliders can benefit from the wealth of information found in the 300-plus pages of this attractive hard cover book.

The Powered Parachute Bible

This book is an instructional guide that covers general aviation topics and the powered parachute's unique flight characteristics. It is bound with a beautiful hard cover and measures 8 1/2" X 11". The Powered Parachute Bible contains 339 pages of information and more than 350 color illustrations and photos. Also included is a Flight

Training Syllabus section designed to aid the PPC flight instructor in lesson plan preparation. This book is a great tool for every PPC and ultralight pilot. Check out the Description section of this website for more detailed information.

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Ordering is easy and secure. We accept several forms of payment including PayPal. We also accept Check, Money Order, and most major credit cards. Check out our Order Info page to get started.



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