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Payment summaries: Payment summary fields

what is a payg payment summary

AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

The Payment Summary Fields step of the Payment Summary Assistant is where you link the payroll categories you’ve set up and used in AccountRight with the fields found on the ATO’s payment summary forms.

In short, here’s how it works:

  1. Select a payment summary field in the left panel.
  2. Select all the payroll categories that need to be reported in that field, from the right panel. You can only link a payroll category to one field.
  3. Repeat these steps for each payment summary field that applies to your business.

See the information below for more detail.

This is a complex area, and the following information is just a guide. Please see the ATO guidelines for more information.

Select the Gross Payments field in the left panel (it's selected by default when you enter the window). In the right panel, select all the payroll categories that are reportable in this field, for example, base salary, base wages, overtime, holiday pay,

backpay, etc.

Don’t select categories that are reportable elsewhere on the form, such as the PAYG Withholding category, allowances or reportable fringe benefits.

However, you need to select any salary sacrifice payroll categories you've used. By doing this, amounts paid under a salary sacrifice arrangement will not be included at Gross Payments.

If you pay allowances to your employees, select Allowance 1 in the left panel, give the allowance a name, such as Travel, and then select all the related payroll categories that should be reported at Allowance 1.

Repeat this for all the different types of allowance you pay out to employees. If you have more than 9 allowances, enter Other in the Allowance 9 field and select all the remaining allowance payroll categories.

If an employee's employment been terminated during the year, then you might have paid out different types of ETP and lump sum payments to them using payroll categories set up for those purposes. You can then link the lump sum and ETP fields to the relevant payroll categories.

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