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What is a payment reversal

what is a payment reversal

You 'will' have additional fees if you

  • have any special medical needs or pre-existing illnesses [high blood pressure, kidney/liver/heart conditions, anemia, diabetes, asthma, spinal injuries, if you smoke, have drug or latex allergies, etc]
  • have had previous multiple surgeries (including c-sections)
  • are 40 years old or over (will require a IM exam)
  • are overweight / 30% bmi or above. If so, you will have the additional exam/fee and possible extra sedation
  • allergy to latex or certain medications
  • are medically unable to have an epidural
(if your bmi is 30% or above there is an additional exam required - IM exam $365.
  • If your bmi is 40% or above there will be an additional $300 charge in addition to the IM exam fee (50% or above the extra fee is $500)

  • You 'may' have additional fees if you (fees determined by doctor review of pre-op evaluation form)
    • are taking certain prescription medications (ask the doctor in advance)
    • have special requests for medications
    • require or request additional days in the hospital
    • require or request additional hospital meals (1 guest will receive meals free)
    • have low hemoglobin (blood count) - or require transfusion - see unit prices below

    Anesthesia Prices: The surgeon will determine the method of anesthesia; you will have an epidural unless there is a medical reason not to.

    • Epidural (included in the cost

      of surgery)

    • Epidural + sedation $100 (by request or if it becomes medically necessary during surgery)
    • General anesthesia $300 (only if epidural is not possible)

    Other fees & surgeries:

    • IM exam Fee (if required): $350
    • Additional or alternative medications
    $200 (determined by use)
  • Blood bank per unit $300
  • HSG - $395
  • Vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty) - $2850
  • Hysterectomy - $3750
  • Tubal ligation - $2350
  • Fibroid tumor/ cyst removal $2450* (*during reversal surgery approximately $650)
  • Small cyst removal (during reversal) $350
  • Essure reversal - $3350
  • Private Care Nurse (traveling alone) - $180
  • Records Request (post op) - $20
  • Sperm Analysis - $50
  • Additional stay in hospital (as space permits)- $55 per day
  • Additional guest meals (if more than 1 guest) - $3.50 per meal
  • UPDATE: All patients will be sent a medical history / cost evaluation form to be reviewed by the doctor in advance. You may request one by email prior to scheduling or you may download it directly and send it by fax or email here

    This form (mandatory ), along with tubal ligation records (records are not mandatory ) will be reviewed to help determine if any additional fees may apply. You should bring a minimum of $100-200 for emergency funds.

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