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What is a paypal debit card

what is a paypal debit card

PayPal Debit Card

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The PayPal Debit Card is a MasterCard that offers cash rewards as part of the PayPal Preferred Rewards Program. Once you apply for the PayPal Card then upon enrollment into the PayPal Preferred Rewards Program you will be able to earn cash back rewards for every single debit card purchase that does not require your PIN. Read through this PayPal Debit Card offer review to see if this is the best debit card offer for you and then be sure and use our free card finder to compare both debit cards and credit cards side by side!

Types of PayPal Credit & Debit Cards

Here is a full list of the available PayPal Credit Cards and PayPal debit cards both for personal and business use:

  • PayPal MasterCard BusinessCard Card
  • PayPal Executive BusinessCard Card
  • PayPal Small Business Multi Card
  • PayPal Debit MasterCard BusinessCard Card
  • PayPal MasterCard Corporate Card
  • PayPal MasterCard Corporate Executive


  • PayPal MasterCard Corporate Purchasing Card
  • PayPal MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card
  • PayPal Corporate Multi Card Card

Please refer to the PayPal credit card terms and conditions for updated cardholder benefits and details for each PayPal credit card program.

PayPal Debit Card Benefits

What are some of the benefits of the PayPal Debit Card offer? As opposed to the PayPal Plus Credit Card which is a true unsecured credit card and a different animal altogether some of the benefits of the PayPal Debit Card include:

  • Automatic linking to your PayPal account so that when you make a purchase with your PayPal Debit Card it shows up in your PayPal account as a PayPal transaction.
  • 100% fraud protection
  • No annual fee

The easy tracking of purchases made with the PayPal Debit Card inside of your PayPal online account and the ability to make hassle free purchases against your PayPal account balance are really the two main benefits to using the PayPal Debit Card.

Applying for the PayPal Debit Card Online

It’s easy to apply for the PayPal Debit Card online through your account. Before you apply for any type of debit card or credit card offer be sure to fully compare your options. Use our free tool to compare credit cards now!

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