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How does personal bankruptcy work


What Buyers of the System(s) are Saying -

D, TN – Can’t thank you guys enough. I do deals myself, & ran into issues with check disbursement. I contacted support, & waited less than 2 days for detailed fix. Love the free email support.

B, FL - I've done judgment collections for yrs. I knew this money existed but had no idea I could get it. You've even shown me new methods for judgment collection. WOW.

P, FL – I did exactly what you told me not to. I turned in files and stopped working to see if I'd get paid. 2 months later I got my first check and got paid on 3 deals since. If I had kept working, I’d be making checks consistently. Don’t worry about me – I’m sending files every week now.

S, VA – I sent in a pretty rough email to support. They answered my question and set me straight. I knew when you were ready to cut me loose for being a jerk, you were the real deal. I changed my attitude and now I’m consistently getting paid. thanks, guys.

J, AZ - I've had businesses, including loss mitigation. NOTHING has this kind of upside.

T, NV - Holy S***! Redemption makes short sales look stupid. 5 people contacted,2 agreed, WHAT! I'm

out of pocket under $150, looking at $40K+.

S, Fl - $13K in referrals from bankruptcy court agreed to, FIRST MONTH WORKING HYBRID PROGRAM!

Number of U.S. Counties by State = Opportunity!

Do the math. Assume an average County has 20 foreclosures per year with overage, and the average overage is $15K. These are conservative numbers, guys.

That's $300K generated in surplus funds per year, per County. Over 10 years, that's $3 Million/County. There are over 3000+ Counties. That's over Nine Billion Dollars, Nationally!

Let me clue you guys in. I t's way more than that. When we have a downturn, everyone gets hit, not just folks without equity. It would not surprise us if the number was closer to $50,000,000,000.

Think they want to give the principal to the owners, when they can make interest on $50 Billion Nationally?


Without a legal loophole system, you can't get the money. You can be a finder, and make a small commission for a ton of work, or you can use our program.

For those of you that think we’re ‘conspiracy nuts’, ask yourself this – If you had the resources of a State, could you find folks? Seriously, if you had the following info, could anyone hide from you?

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