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What is a prepaid envelope

what is a prepaid envelope

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OCI Application - Prepaid Return Shipping Envelope

You can either get your documents returned by FedEx service through CKGS or in person.

Using the FedEx service through CKGS is the most recommended option to avoid the hassles of visiting them in person. However, it is an option service. Alternatively, you can pick up the documents in person.

To avail FedEx service through CKGS, you will pay $15 (inclusive of taxes) for each application at the time of payment for processing your application.

Alternatively, you can use Book Return Courier and enclose the printed FedEx label along with your application.

  • When you buy FedEx service through CKGS, do not print the label. They will generate the FedEx label when sending your passport back. FedEx will not

    send you a copy of the return courier label.

  • The document will be returned only to the address specified in the application form.
  • In case your address has changed, CKGS is unable to change the return address and does not take any liability for claims that may arise from the same.
  • FedEx prepaid self addressed envelopes / shipping labels are not accepted.
  • Handwritten return envelopes are not accepted.
  • You must put the complete address of CKGS Visa Application Centre in the 'Sender' fields on the labels.
  • CKGS will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damages to the documents while in transit.
  • FedEx Prepaid Envelopes brought directly by you from Fedex will NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Handwritten Prepaid Labels will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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