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Fine Silver Proof Set - 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 (2012)


A FIRST! ALL COINS struck in 99.99% pure silver.

For the first time your premium Proof Set features:

• NEW! Only 20,000 sets worldwide - this collection will sell quickly

• NEW! A 99.99% Silver Proof Dollar with stunning selective 24 karat gold plating

• NEW! Encircling the design of the Proof Dollar are 200 finely struck beads symbolizing the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812

• NEW! A 99.99% silver loonie with stunning selective 24 karat gold plating

• NEW! A 99.99% silver one-cent coin with stunning selective 24 karat gold plating

It also marks the first time that the Canadian penny has been struck in Fine Silver with selective pink-gold plating—making it a highly coveted item to add to your fine collection.

And there is another first: this Premium Fine Silver Proof Set has a strict mintage of just 20,000, making it the lowest mintage proof set since 1971.

NEW! A 99.99% Silver toonie with stunning selective 24 karat gold plating

All coins in your Premium Proof Set exhibit the highest quality finish (Proof) produced by the Royal Canadian Mint:

• Hand Polished! The field (flat background) has a highly hand polished mirror-like finish

• Four finishes! The relief (raised foreground) incorporates the use of four (4) different finishes which beautifully accentuate the design

• The dies used to strike your coins

have been polished with a mixture containing diamond powder to ensure that the exquisite details are maintained on the coins during striking

• To maintain the highest quality in your set, only 1000-3000 coins have been struck per die

• Individually Pressed! Each of your coins will have been individually and delicately hand fed into and out of the coining press

• Hi-Def! All your coins will have been double struck at lower striking speeds, to give high definition and contrast between the field and the relief

About the Design:

• You will enjoy the intricate detailing on the Proof Dollar depicting a British sergeant, a Voltigeur Canadien and an Iroquois warrior wearing historically accurate uniforms and approaching the invader with unity of purpose to defend the border and colonies they represent

About the Package:

• Your set will include a numbered certificate with detailed coin specifications – your proof of ownership for this low mintage premium Proof Set and evidence that each coin has been individually inspected by our resident quality assurance specialists

• This set comes in genuine black leather case and custom beauty box - at no additional cost to you

The proof set is a perennial favourite and great gift idea that can be cherished and shared with your friends and loved ones forever and is a must have for all Canadian military history enthusiasts.

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