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Want to Learn How To Get Free Deduplication Services? Read On.

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Here's how our Merge Purge / Deduplication will benefit you:

1) Cuts wasted postage by eliminating duplicate mailpieces based on your desired criteria.

2) Improves your image. Let's face it, most people believe receiving multiple pieces of mail is wasteful.

Here's what our service does to your list:

1) Eliminates duplicate records within one list, or across multiple lists in the event you are "merging" several together to make one master list. This is where the term "merge purge" comes from. You're merging several lists together, and then "purging" duplicate records based on some predetermined list priority or criteria. Hence the phrase "Merge / Purge.

2) If you have only one list, then you are said to be "deduping" records. Slight jargon difference, but you're accomplishing the primary goal: mailing to only one desired contact record.

3) Elimination of records can be based on any of the following:

  • Eliminate by name and address only - meaning if you have Tim Smith and Mary Smith at the same address, each would receive a piece of mail.
  • Eliminate by address only - meaning Tim and Mary Smith at the same address would only receive one piece of mail at their shared address.
  • Eliminate records based on some other criteria, such as phone numbers, or phones and names
  • In the case of multiple files merged together, we would need for you to establish a priority list.

4) We'll return your original file to you with either the duplicates deleted, or we'll send you the duplicate "groupings" over separately if you wish to go through them on your end. We recommend establishing the match rules up front and then having us delete the duplicates for you. So what you receive is your file already cleansed of the duplicated records. in other words, it's ready to mail!

Here's why you want to use our service instead of buying and maintaining your own in-house software:

1) $35 is

a great price for peace of mind and ensuring you don't send 15 pieces of mail to the same household. Imagine the embarrassment and the damage it can do to your brand/image.

Our service is perfect for businesses with databases up to 10,000 records. Buying, learning complex software and maintaining it is burdensome and takes you away from your core competencies.

2) Our service is next day. No pleading with IT or messing around with updates and software. Just send us the files through our secure connection and get the file back the next business day when submitted before 3pm EST. If you need same day (or same hour!) processing let us know. We can accomodate you.

3) If your database is larger than 10,000 records or if you need faster than next day delivery, DietrichDirect maintains a hosted remote processing service that is fully automated 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week. Call us to discuss your needs and requirements and we'll help you get the job done.

*Note that additional charges will apply if data fields need to be parsed or concatenated or cleaned up/standardized in order to obtain useable/matchable data. We will let you know prior to the processing of your job if any additional work / costs are involved.

How can I get Free Merge Purge / Deduplication?

It's simple. Order any our of printing services (postcards, brochures etc) using your list, and our entire suite of data hygiene services are FREE. FREE Merge Purge. FREE CASS and Cleanup. FREE Presort Service. FREE NCOA Service.

Call us. Email us. Chat with us. Or fill out the form below.

Phone: 800.798.4572


We'll discuss your list processing needs:

  • your file(s) and their current format
  • any special requirements or details
  • the output file you require back from us.
  • turn times required

Square away the payment information:

  • Discuss our current promotions and how you could save even more money
  • You'll get an invoice and payment authorization for (Visa/MC/AMEX)

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