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Making a Rag Rug

What better way to reuse and recycle a variety of used fabric than to make a rag rug? This is a guide about making rag rugs.

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Solutions: Making a Rag Rug

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T-Shirt Rag Rug

Using old tee shirt scraps I used to make a t-shirt quilt, I made a crocheted rag rug. My rug is 40 inches in diameter.

Approximate Time: 10 hours.


  • rotary cutter
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • cutting mat
  • crochet hook size "Q"
  • tee shirts
  • plastic quilters ruler
  • you need around 12 tee shirts


  1. Cut 1 1/2 inches wide strips from tee shirt scraps. Sew the ends together.
  • Roll up the strips into balls.

  • Chain 4. Join with a slip stitch.
  • Chain one and single crochet 12 stitches in the chain 4 circle.
  • When you get to the beginning of the first row, join with a slip stitch and chain one.
  • Crochet two single crochets in each stitch and join with a slip stitch when you get to the beginning of the second row. You should have 24 stitches.
  • Join with a slip stitch. Chain 2.
  • Double crochet in first stitch and 2 DC in the next. Crochet in this pattern all around and join with a slip stitch as before.

  • Continue increasing at regular intervals for each row. Continue around as big as you want until you are out of strips.
  • Slip stitch into the first stitch of the last row you did. Cut the strip. Fold it back under a loop and hand sew so you cannot see it.
  • By Little Suzy from Millbury, OH

    Tip: Rag Rug from Recycled Fleece Clothing

    I have just joined the site and thought you might like to see a rug made from recycled fleece jackets. They are very cheap to buy in the charity shops, there are some brilliant colors and make a super rug. Animals particularly like the cozy feel and I suppose they could be made with the name of the dog/cat.

    For a large rug, hessian needs to be fixed on to a stretcher and needs to be quite taut. Cut fleece garments or throws into long half inch strips and work with holding the strip under the hessian and poking a hook.

    I used a large crochet hook, through the hessian and picking up a loop through the hole. I continued with loops close to each other following the design drawn on the hessian with marker pen, leaving a border for folding under.

    I used double sided carpet tape to fold the edges over but copydex is good. I then covered the back and glued the edges of a square of hessian tucking in a hem for neatness.

    By Isobel

    Article: Rag Rug Instructions

    Instructions on how to make a rag rug out of strips of materials as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Post your own advice here.

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