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What is a recurring payment

what is a recurring payment

Set Up A Recurring Payment Plan

Already on a Payment Plan? Want Automated Payments? You don't have to write another check to pay your individual tax payment agreement, if you don't want to. With the State of Maryland recurring direct debit program you don't have to worry about mailing off a check for your individual tax payment plan.

When you sign the direct debit authorization document you agree to have a predetermined amount deducted from your checking account on approximately the same day each month. Debit payments can be arranged to occur on your payment plan’s due date each month. The payment is sent to your bank approximately three days prior to your payment agreement’s due date. Please consult with your bank about the actual posting to your


The debits stop automatically after the payment plan has been completed. The money will be transferred to the State of Maryland with no additional service charge.

If you have provided us with a valid e-mail address, you will receive a notification indicating that your payment has been submitted for processing. You will also receive a payment plan installment bill that reflects the current balance due.

You will need your payment agreement number in order to set up an automatic payment for an existing payment agreement.

If you do not know your payment agreement number, call our Collection Section at 410-974-2432 or 1-888-674-0016.

If you do know your payment agreement number, you may set up your request for a recurring direct debit online .

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