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Relief & Development

Relief assessment and training

Literacy Program- Kenya (2012 - present)

For the last three years, Safe Harbor has been actively involved in teaching students English and Biblical studies in Kawangware, Kenya. SHI's Literacy Program Director, Winifred Kiunga, has taught multiple levels of English to hundreds of poverty stricken individuals over each semester.

This program fulfills a need for literacy training and continuing education in the impoverished community as many of the adult students come from areas facing social and economic challenges.

Each semester, Winifred shares student's testimonies of how their lives are impacted by the program and above all, the Gospel.

Long-term Community Transformation

By God's grace and through His provision alone, Safe Harbor has been used to transform communities from crisis situations that were seemingly hopeless to thriving communities that have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and the service of His people.

Listed below are countries where Safe Harbor has stayed and responded to crisis for a period of more than 5 years.

Project Midigo, Uganda (1998-2011)

Safe Harbor International has been active in North West Uganda since the mid-90's, when the migration of Southern Sudan refugees resulted in a cholera outbreak. Beginning with a doctor and a nurse, we have seen a growing church, health care program, school, and agricultural project develop. Calvary Chapel Midigo has since become an independent NGO in Uganda, and is taking on the responsibility to fund and implement the ministry, education, and health programs. We are grateful to the Lord for the fruitful years of ministry and for contribution of many, many partners.

God has truly performed this wonderful work.

Vibrant church plant - over 200 members committed to growing in the truth of the gospel. This growth led to two more church plants and is now considered a ministry hub for training, discipleship, and sending. These churches now operate as independent Calvary Chapels.

Clinic health services - expanded into a fully operational hospital focusing on women, children and other vulnerable persons, serving nearly 30,000 patients per year. We specialized in maternal and infant care, HIV / AIDS, mobile medical care to remote areas, and surgical operations.

Education program - offering high quality, Christian academics to over 100 Primary school students in 2011 from nearby church, non-Christian, and Sudanese families. Calvary School doubled in enrollment in one year, and is working towards expanding educational services through secondary school. The school has since become independent under the guidance of Calvary Chapel Midigo.

Agricultural project - contributing to Project Midigo's local sustainability while providing jobs, training, services, and further outreach to the local communities. The community gave us 117 acres for this project.

· Church development

· Medical care, health education, and hospital development

· Education

· Agriculture

Nyinbuli, Sudan (2003-2009)

Nyinbuli is an extremely remote village located in South Sudan. Safe Harbor arrived in 2003 and began it's "Operation Restore Life" project by bringing food to 22,000 local people suffering from extreme starvation and disease. At this time, the villagers of Nyinbuli were also tortured and killed by soldiers passing through. God allowed Safe Harbor to minister to these people for more than five years:

· Tens of thousands of metric tons of food were delivered to the people

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