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A Focus on Outcomes

Why Seton Hall Law?

Seton Hall Law is distinguished in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania metropolitan areas by the excellent outcomes for our students, reflected in both employment and bar passage rates. In fact, this year the National Law Journal ranks Seton Hall Law #25 among the 200 law schools in the U.S. based on the percentage of Class of 2014 graduates in long-term, full time positions requiring passage of the bar exam.

The Class of 2014 results are strong: a 93.3% total employment rate, with 86.7% in positions in which passage of the bar exam is required, or a J.D. is an advantage. As the chart below reflects, based on

data submitted to the ABA, the three most common employment destinations for Class of 2014 graduates are: judicial clerkships (42.8%), private practice (26.7%) and corporations (16.8%).

The Case for Clerkships

Employers place great value on clerkship experience, which refines a legal practitioner's mastery of the law. Seton Hall Law has an outstanding record of placing its students in federal, state and local judicial clerkships at both the trial and appellate levels.

Alumni considering a job change at any time in their careers are welcome to return and utilize the support of the Office of Career Services.

Bar Pass Rate: July 2014 First Time Test Takers

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