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The Royal Mint celebrates with a snapshot of Britain’s best-known palace

Britannia the changing face of Britain

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The Royal Mint’s Director of Commemorative Coin joins Accountability Board

has been appointed to join the Accountability Board for the Irish Civil Service.

Thailand set to become minting hub in South East Asia

Silver Coins – the ‘old right standard of the monies of silver of England’

Silver – beautiful, durable, malleable

– has been used to make coins for more than 2500 years. Early coins of Greece were struck in silver and Rome, too, had its denarius, the small silver coin which circulated throughout its vast empire. In Britain sterling silver pennies were first produced by the Anglo-Saxon Kings and in our time, silver – as fine silver, Britannia silver and sterling silver – remains a treasured metal, both for those who make coins and for those who collect them.

The chemical symbol for silver is Ag from its Roman name Argentum meaning ‘white and shining’ and its atomic number is 47.

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