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What is a stop payment

what is a stop payment


A FEW Success Stories

  • Penny S. from Michigan Total Savings: $7,447,452

Yes, she saved a lot of 0000's. But not everyone will float out of harm's way. If you owe the IRS back taxes, remember to accurately file your returns.

  • Ronald L. from Washington Total Savings: 100% Off!

    His tax bill was reduced from $169,000 to $0. How is that even possible. We had to roll up our sleeves and get him compliant, and it had quite an effect.

  • Arthur D. from Virginia Total Savings: $383,916

    Did he really save $383,916? Yes, he really did. And then some. Arthur D. had ignored his tax obligations for over ten years when he contacted our firm.

  • John S. from Delaware Total Savings: $537,480

    He saved over $500,000! Like a tiger,

    tax debts are hungry predators. Not only do they grow quickly, but they sneak up fast and without warning, inflicting an incredible amount.

  • Steven G. from California Total Savings: $2,200,000 compiled all the records of account, assembled all the bookkeeping, and filed the years to bring him compliant, which reduced the balance owed to $440,000. This initially saved the taxpayer $1,838,000.

  • Solon M. from Connecticut Total Savings: $119,000 prepared a state Offer in Compromise which was accepted for $56,000 on the sales tax liability of $175,000. The balance was then structured for repayment over 60 months at $942.60 per month.

    Ashraf I. from Texas Total Savings: $444,845

    He saved $444,845 after our audit representation! Sometimes, good things happen to good people in bad situations. Like Ashraf I. He was diligently running his company when the IRS audited.

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