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How does vacation accrual work

how does vacation accrual work

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We also own a vacation home we rent out. Our condo is in Branson, MO which has a huge volume of condos and timeshares. For that reason, a lot of the VRBO listings are resorts, management companies who manage their own units plus owners they contracted with, and owners of several timeshare points who can book condos with the timeshare resorts.

I don’t know what region you are looking at but if it is like Branson with a lot of rentals available, the contract may be very generic so they can put you in which ever unit they have available if they are one of the types listed above. I’m like luxurycabinblueridge, I like to put a voice to whoever is renting my condo. I would suggest as a renter, you should do the same. If it is important the

place you are staying is the same as the one described, call and make sure the one you are getting is the same as the one in the VRBO listing.

From what I’ve read, the satisfaction from VRBO’s is like hotels. Most are good but a few duds out there. Of course, the same goes for the guests. The most are good but a few duds are out there. We got trashed within the first 3 months of renting ours out. It was tough to continue renting after all of our hard work and money was damaged. Like I said, a few duds both ways. As suggested, call, ask questions and if you don’t like the answers, find another. If you can’t find anything in VRBO, the other site I like is Again, not all are private owners, at least not in our area.

Have fun on your vacation.

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