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Question How to check if a copy of NICEIC domestic certificate is correct

what is a vat certificate

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Hi. An electrical certificate - be it an installation certificate, Periodic Inspection Report or - as of last month - Electrical Installation Condition Report is a bit like an MOT certificate for a car: It's a statement of the observed condition at the time it was inspected. It cannot take into account any changes or deterioration that may have occurred since the inspection.

So, whilst the copy of the copy will - in all likelihood - be genuine reproduction, you (and your insurer?) may question it's merit after this elapsed period.

I can't comment on NICEIC's practices, as my registration body is NAPIT: NAPIT does NOT ask that copies of

certificates be returned to them, but rather that the original is to be retained by the person commissioning the work, with a copy being retained by the contractor; this being in accordance with the 17th Edition Wiring regulations. That said, you could indeed contact NICEIC.

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. quoting the certificate reference number, and see if they have a copy. And if they have. Well - the installation is still 6 years since the last inspection, you still don't know what alterations or deterioration - if any - may have occurred since then, and whether the installation could be deemed "safe" today.

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