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Workers Compensation Consultants - Discover and Correct Workers Compensation Premium Audit Errors and Mistakes.

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• Retro Plan Review

• Class Code Review

A Metal Goods Manufacturer.

"Consultants at WCC helped us with a major audit problem. "

A $111,500 Mistake Corrected.

"A premium credit was left off of our policy and the mistake was discovered by WCC. "

A National Leader in Parts Inventory Services.

"After years with the same insurance company our class codes were changed by the auditor andwe received a bill for over $24,000. "

Auto Industry Component Manufacturer.

"Two of our domestic plant operations had their codes reclassified at audit costing our company over $200,000 in additional premium. "

  We Work For You. The employer. to discover and correct overcharges and premium errors in your business insurance workers compensation audits, experience modification factors, job classifications, credits and premium calculations. We review workers compensation audits, E-mods, premium calculations and class codes; then return premium overcharges to you and lower your workers compensation cost! We do not sell insurance! We fix workers compensation audit errors and mistakes. We solve workers compensation audit and premium problems!

  We Help You. Secure Audit Refunds - from insurance carriers that may have overcharged you for workers compensation coverage. Review Workers Compensation Codes - for accuracy and provide a confidential independent resource for proper workers comp code classification of your operation. Correct Experience Modification Rate or EMR problems- when faced with high or out of control Experience Modification Rates due to incorrect mod calculations or improper claims handling. With Expert Witness and Litigation Support - for Attorneys and their Clients

experiencing workers compensation premium, audit and classification code problems. Prepare for Audits with our PAR™ Program - Be proactive! Our Pre-Audit Review (PAR) Program is designed to help prepare for an upcoming workers comp audit. Discover and Correct Work Comp Premium Errors, Mistakes and Problems - Approximately 25-50% of business owners are unknowingly now or have been in the past overcharged on their work comp audits by an insurance company. Business insurance carriers are constantly making audit mistakes and errors; How We Fix Them.   We Consult and Provide Expert Witness Services. On workers compensation audits, audit disputes, premium problems, classification codes, retrospective rating plans, claim reserve impact and experience modification issues to employers, attorneys, insurance agencies, agents, auditors and companies.

  We Provide You. An affordable independent workers compensation consulting service to assist you with premium, audit, experience modification or ERM and classification code problems along with free helpful consumer information about a variety of workers compensation topics and issues on our website,

  We Protect You. And your business in strictest confidence. All information remains strictly private and disclosed only when authorized by you. In addition, we do not sell insurance and we won't replace your current insurance agent.

  We Are. Your first resource for correcting problems with Workers Compensation Payroll Audits, Workers Compensation Classification Codes, ERM, XMOD, EMOD or Experience Modification Factors, Workers Compensation Audit Disputes and all other premium mistakes, errors and problems associated with a workers compensation policy. Contact Workers Compensation Consultants today to see how we can help your business!

Stop paying higher premiums because of undiscovered workers compensation errors and mistakes!

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