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What is an ach debit

what is an ach debit

This account allows you to defer taxes on a portion of your income while enjoying superior interest rates. Earnings accrued on this account are not taxed until you begin to make withdrawals. Investors aged 59 1/2 and older can access their funds without penalty. Investors must begin receiving periodic payments by age 70 1/2.

Roth IRA

With this option, your contributions from income will not be tax-free, but you will still enjoy great interest rates. Plus, you can access your contributions tax- and penalty-free any time after an initial five-year waiting period. Earnings may be withdrawn if the member meets specific requirements.

Each of these options may be managed through an IRA Accumulation Savings Account or IRA Certificates. Determining which investment method is right for you depends upon the initial deposit available and the desired interest rate for your investment. Each method is outlined below. For specific rates on each option, click here .

IRA Accumulation Savings Account

With a low $5 minimum balance and contribution options such as payroll deduction, this account is convenient and flexible! Deposits and withdrawals for this account will comply with federal regulations.

IRA Certificates

You choose the term that makes sense for you, and C&CCU will pay a rate of return that rivals any other financial institution. With terms ranging from one to five years, your options are wide open! All it takes is a minimum $250 deposit, and you’re on your way to smart savings and easy earning!

Choosing a plan that works for you can be difficult. That’s why our representatives are always available to help you sort through the details and determine the perfect savings plan to meet your goals. Contact the credit union to learn more or to open your IRA today!

Money Market Accounts

If you're looking for high interest rates but still want easy access to your money, then a Money Market Account with C&CCU is for you! These accounts require a $2,500 minimum balance, and tiered dividends are paid monthly. You can make up to six $100-minimum withdrawals per month with no fees. Additional withdrawals during the same month are available for a $10 fee per withdrawal. Check our current rates .


Share Draft Checking

At C&CCU, we offer a unique type of checking called a Share Draft Account. This account is much like the usual checking accounts

you’d find at other financial institutions, but without the fees and charges. Our Share Draft Accounts offer:

• No per-check fees

• No service charges

• Free e-statements

• Optional overdraft protection

For more information, or to open your Share Draft Checking Account, stop by one of our offices today!

Ultimate Checking

Make the most of your money with our Ultimate Checking! Earn premium returns on balances up to $25,000, and get refunds on your ATM charges! All you have to do is complete 12 non-PIN transactions with your ATM card per month, and sign up to receive e-statements. There are no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees for this account. If you don’t meet the high-dividend requirements, you’ll simply earn the standard return for that month.

Rebound Checking

Specifically designed for members who need a second chance at checking, our Rebound Checking is a great way to build a strong financial base. If you have been turned down for a checking account because of ChexSystems or a poor credit history before, you may still qualify for our Rebound Checking account.

For full details on our Rebound Checking program, click here.

ATM Card

This card allows you to access your available funds at the credit union. You can use any Automated Teller Machine that displays the CO-OP, Cirrus or Star logo to check your account balance and withdraw or transfer funds. There are more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs! There is no charge at all for using a Catholic & Community Credit Union ATM.

Please note. it is important to alert the credit union if you plan to travel and use your ATM Card. As part of our efforts to decrease fraud, we monitor accounts for unusual activity. ATM Card usage in other states or foreign countries may be flagged as fraudulent, and transactions may be declined. By informing C&CCU of your travel plans, we can make a note on your account and prevent unnecessary delays or interruptions in your account access.

For a list of surcharge-free ATM locations, click here .

Visa ® Check Card

If your Visa Check Card is lost or stolen, please call (800) 523-4175.

Overdraft Protection

We understand that our members sometimes make mistakes. That’s why we offer optional Overdraft Protection! Qualified members won’t have to worry about the vendor fees and embarrassment that come with bounced checks. Contact the credit union to inquire about this courtesy service.

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