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What is an aging report

what is an aging report

I have been using Shilajit since about 3 years ago, and have found it to be exactly what it purports to be, a strong anti-aging, all natural remedy for what ails ya.This stuff replaces all the things that are missing from our foods, but what probably was in them back in the days Eden. It's an amazing healing compound, USt really an herb, but more of a mineral.

Lake Elsinore, CA, US

I can vouch for shilajit, having been taking it for a year or so. The benefits are manifold, including healthy hair. skin and a feeling of "vim and vigour" right through the body.

Glamorgan, UK

After taking Shilajit for about ten days I began to notice increased vitality, especially in the morning which has always been my period of lowest energy. After two months I feel more mental clarity and better able to handle my stressful job. Shilajit also seems to enhance the other supplements I use. Since starting Shilajit, I am able to walk for over two hours without fatigue or muscle soreness. It's as if I'm given that extra boost. I can't recommend this product highly enough. For overall feeling of fitness and well-being nothing has ever effected me so positively. Thank you for your interest in my progress.

G.Westfal, University Professor Iowa City, Iowa, US

Shilajit is great. The whole process is very quick with me. Shilajit is boosting my energy. It is also very balancing and I feel very good. Thank you for this wonderful product.

R. De Vet, Media Mogul

Aachen ,Germany

I am full of energy ever since I have been taking shilajit. I feel the power increasing. I have now more coordination in mind, more relaxation in mind and body. Much more I can tell you. Nervousness which was always my weak point, is almost gone. I am able to cycle around rural Netherlands for hours together without feeling any fatigue. I feel like a teenager.

H.Tadema, Businessmen - Lelystad, The Netherlands.

My husband (78) and me (62) have a normal condition related to our age. He has had heart artery treatment few years ago, because of the cholesterol, but of course the cholesterol comes back, even if we are vegetarians and we don't smoke and have very little alcohol. It's hereditary and it's the cholesterol the body makes by itself. I was told that shilajit is good in lowering cholesterol levels as well. Now it appears that the Shilajit is the first product that really seems to help

in normalizing my Husbands Cholesterol levels.

Lieve Aerts

The Netherlands

Me, my mother and my sister use Shilajit. Our general feeling of well-being has tremendously improved. I am less tired and more alert.

Corten .M, Government Official - Flemish Brabant, Belgium

Your Shilajit as it is simply the best product I have ever purchased. There simply is nothing out there that even comes close. My wife has noticed dramatic results. She says she finds that her mental and physical stamina have increased, most noticeable in the afternoon at which time she usually starts to get tired. She has a rather stressful job. She also feels less tension and is more relaxed under pressure.

Paul Aitken, Businessmen Wellington, New Zealand.

Shilajit is the future of what telomeres or telomerase products should be.

D.Lipscomb, Professional - Reno, Nevada, US

Shilajit capsules have been of immense benefits for me and for a friend of mine. We feel increased energy and drive.

J.L.Mendez, Professional -

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SPAIN

have been taking shilajit for 2 months and I have seen gradual improvement in various health conditions and in my energy levels. I also noticed getting slimmer but without actually losing weight! the same kilograms but my pants are dropping. I haven't been able to explain this yet.

M.Giannakopoulos, Banker, Paleo Faliro, Athens, GREECE

*Our Note: Shilajit boosts energy metabolism. This leads to the process of breaking down of fat molecules to release energy (catabolism). Shilajit also enhances muscle tissue built up and bone density (anabolism). This is one of the beneficial properties of shilajit. With less flab and fat in the body you will look slimmer and experience inch loss. But the overall weight might not reduce much as there will be an increase in bone density and muscle build up.

I really loved your product, I am healthy and energetic as a teenager now thank you.


Inglewood, CA, US

Both my husband and I notice a general sense of well-being. When we run out, we can tell that something is off. When we go back on it, that sense comes back! More energy and better sleep. We both feel much better taking shilajit than when we are not.


Prescott, Arizona, US

I have been using this product for several months now and I have seen drastic improvement in my blood glucose levels. My doctor is surprised. All of my other blood

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