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What is an analytical report

what is an analytical report

Horse Tracks: Manning took an analytical approach to return

Happy Wednesday, Broncos Country!

There is a good read from Jeff Legwold of ESPN that shares the process Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning undertook to ensure he was ready to play an 18th season in the NFL. In the end, Legwold states that his decision to come back and lead the Broncos in 2015 was based on a methodical approach that took his holistic wellness regarding his mind, body and spirit.

For many of us fans, the ending to the 2014 season left a bitter taste in our mouths with respect to Manning's return for the coming season. Some had come to the conclusion his best days of football were behind him, with an egregious cap number a cause for concern that could hamper the franchises ability to retain or acquire players during free agency. Others felt that regardless of his lackluster performance against Indianapolis in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game, he was unquestionably the best option for the team to

have any shot at hoisting a Lombardi in 2015.

The article details in great depth the uncertainty Manning felt at seasons end, which he compared to the personal battles he faced four years ago after a season ending neck injury. That injury ultimately prompted the Indianapolis Colts to release him and made him the biggest free agent name available in the history of the NFL. The acquisition of Manning is widely considered to be the best personnel decision Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway has made during his reign as premier executive for the Broncos.

If you are interested in getting the whole break down, be sure to head on over to ESPN to get all the details. It's certainly a morning must read to go along with your morning breakfast and cup of coffee. Listed below in Horse Tracks are several other great pieces concerning the Broncos and their AFC West rivals that will quench your football this morning.

Enjoy and have a great day!

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