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What is an e voucher

what is an e voucher

(d) Special conveyance (e.g. taxi or commercial automobile) under Subpart E.

§301-10.4 How does my agency select the method of transportation to be used?

Your agency must select the method most advantageous to the Government, when cost and other factors are considered. Under 5 U.S.C. 5733, travel must be by the most expeditious means of transportation practicable and commensurate with the nature and purpose of your duties. In addition, your agency must consider energy conservation, total cost to the Government (including costs of per diem, overtime, lost worktime, and actual transportation costs), total distance traveled, number of points visited, and number of travelers.

§301-10.5 What are the presumptions as to the most advantageous method of transportation by order of precedence?

(a) Common carrier. Travel by common carrier is presumed to be the most advantageous method of transportation and must be used when reasonably available.

(b) Government automobile. When your agency determines that your travel must be performed by automobile, a Government-furnished automobile is presumed to be the most advantageous method of transportation.


Rental car. If no Government-furnished automobile is available, but your agency has determined that travel must be performed by automobile, then a rental car should be authorized.

(d) Privately Owned Vehicle (POV). POVs should be determined to be the most advantageous method of transportation only after your agency evaluates the use of a common carrier, a Government-furnished automobile, and a rental car.

§301-10.6 What is my liability if I do not travel by the authorized method of transportation?

If you do not travel by the method of transportation required by regulation or authorized by your agency, any additional expenses you incur which exceed the cost of the authorized method of transportation will be borne by you.

§301-10.7 How should I route my travel?

You must travel to your destination by the usually traveled route unless your agency authorizes or approves a different route as officially necessary.

Your reimbursement will be limited to the cost of travel by a direct route or on an uninterrupted basis. You will be responsible for any additional costs.

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