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What Is Maintaining Balance in Bank Accounts?

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Updated Sep 18, 2014

What Is Maintaining Balance in Bank Accounts?

Why do we get a penalty of 300 pesos or more every month for NOT maintaining the Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance for 2 consecutive months?

What is this Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance ( MADB). or Maintaining Balance ?

Maintaining Balance is the Minimum Average Daily Balance we should have in our savings account or checking account every month.

Why is there a Maintaining Balance requirement?

The banks say they spend money to handle our accounts, so they must make some profit from our accounts, and therefore, according to them, we should maintain a certain minimum amount of money in our accounts.

The banks check our balances, not everyday, but every end of the month. They compute the average balance for 30 days or 31 days of the month -- that's why it's called Monthly Average Daily Balance (MADB).

They consider the end-of-day balance. If our balance in the morning is 10,000 pesos, and at the end of the day, our balance is 15,000 pesos, they consider 15,000 pesos.

If the required Maintaining Balance is 2,000 pesos, do we need to have 2,000 pesos in our account everyday?

Yes, so that we don't have to think about maintaining balances. )

But we can have less than 2,000 pesos in our accounts some days, as long as we deposit much more than 2,000 pesos in other days, so that when the MADB is computed at the end of the month, the MADB is still 2,000 pesos or more.

Example :

Your savings account has a balance of 2,000 pesos.

The required MADB is 2,000 pesos.

The penalty for falling below MADB for 2 consecutive months is 300 pesos.

You withdrew 500 pesos, resulting in a balance of 1,500 pesos.

Will your balance be reduced by the 300-peso penalty?

Can be Yes, can be No.

If your balance remains 1,500 pesos over 2 consecutive months, your balance will be reduced

by the 300-peso penalty at the end of the 2nd month.

But if you deposited high amounts of money in other days, so that your MADB at the end of the month is 2,000 pesos or more, then your account will not be penalized.

Or even if you fell below MADB for the first month, but you reached your required MADB on the second month, you will not get the penalty.

How do banks Compute MADB?

They add the end-of-day balances for all the days of the month,

and then divide the TOTAL by the number of days of the month

(divided by 30 or 31 or 28 or 29).

Example: April has 30 days:

For the first 5 days of the month, your balance everyday was 2k.

then for the next 20 days, your balance everyday was 1k

and for the last 5 days, your balance everyday was 3k

5 days x 2k = 10k

20 days x 1k = 20k

5 days x 3k = 15k

10k plus 20k plus 15k = 45k

45k divided by 30 days = 1,500 pesos

Your MADB is 1,500 pesos

Obviously, that's below the 2k minimum MADB.

If for the next month, your MADB is still below 2k, then your account balance will be reduced by 300 pesos.

Another example: March has 31 days

First 5 days, balance everyday is 2k = 10k

Next 10 days, balance everyday is 1k = 15k

Next 16 days, balance everyday is 3k = 48k

10k plus 15k plus 48k = 73k

73k divided by 31 days = 2,354.84

Your MADB is 2,354.84.

That's above the 2k required MADB. That means you have maintained your account, so there will be NO penalty.

And that means you are on your way to saving a LOT of MONEY if you continue to deposit and NOT withdraw.

What is Maintaining Balance in Bank Accounts?

Minimum Average Daily Balance (MADB)

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