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What is audit report

what is audit report


We document the results of our analyses in reports to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee . These reports are also available to the public, although our work is confidential before publication. After a report is published, the Audit Committee may arrange a public hearing and legislation may be introduced in response to our recommendations.

We offer three report subscription services: podcast, RSS, and email notification. Audio podcasts are available for reports with highlights. (Note: Not all reports have highlights.) Our RSS news feeds will include all of our published reports. The e-mail notification service provides an e-mail notice when each new audit is released. To request notification of the release of a specific Legislative Audit Bureau report, e-mail us at Legislative Audit Bureau Information. Please indicate the audit of interest.

Audit reports include independent financial audits of state agencies’ accounting records and compliance with financial reporting and other laws and regulations; reviews of agency management; and evaluations of various state programs, to determine whether the desired results are being achieved and whether objectives established by the Legislature or another authorizing body are being met. Each report number begins with the

last two digits of the year of publication.

Best practices reviews identify local government practices that may save public funds or provide more effective delivery of government services. Report topics are selected with the assistance of an advisory council whose members represent counties, cities, villages, and towns.

Our report on our annual audit of the State of Wisconsin's general purpose financial statements is included in the Independent Auditor's Report published in the State’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) by the State Controller’s Office. Our reports on our annual financial audits of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board, the Department of Employee Trust Funds, and the UW System are included in the Independent Auditor's Report in those agencies' annual reports.

Current and Prior years reports can be accessed on line. The full text of our numbered reports published since August 1998, and summaries of earlier reports are also available. To view the full reports, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available as a free download. To request printed documents, contact us with your mailing address and the title and publication date of the report you would like to receive.

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