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What is budget slack

what is budget slack

Budget Builds: What junkyard parts will fit an XJ?

Hey guys for the sake of everyone doing budget junkyard builds I was wondering what parts from other vehicles will fit an XJ with little or no modification that will help the performance/offroad capabilities of the XJ. feel free to post your mods and links to build threads if you have them. this thread is to help new guys on a budget get started

***note that these are not all bolt in mods, but can be done by most who are mechanically inclined with the right tools

3.Camaro Spring Isolators = 1.5" lift

4.ZJ spring isolators = stronger, metal core, can be stacked

6.TJ Lift Coils (front only) = provide 1" less lift on an XJ than on a TJ

2.MJ Shackles = 1/2" lift

3.GM fullsize pickup shackles ('95-99) = 1.5" lift, better shackle angle

1.JK shocks = slight mod to fit 2-4" lift (must be from

JK Rubicon, BPEs are not required, you need to press out the metal sleeves from the JK shocks, and insert the XJ stock bar pins to the axle-side part of the front shocks, and the body-side of the rear shocks.)

2.S10 Shocks (Rear only) = good for the lift you will get when you do a bastard pack

6.WJ rear LCA's = replace XJ front LCA's, 2" longer to accommodate a lift, some grinding required

7.V8 ZJ front sway-bar

8.JK rear UCA = use as XJ LCA, its about 1-2" longer

9.Ford Bonco II (thats the little one like a ranger) Front Swaybar = good for 3-4" lift


4.Dodge Ram Van Brake Lines = 10-12" longer (for big lifts), some dispute

-Bolt-in Swap:

1.XJ C8.25 Rear ('97+) = bolt in and upgrades to 29 spline (strength comparable to D44)

2.XJ D44 Rear = found in some but not all '87-'89 XJ's with Towing Package

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