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Capital Gains Tax

The investment and wealth management industries demand global tax solutions capable of calculating capital gains tax quickly and accurately across increasingly diverse and complex investment portfolios.

Liability for CGT for private clients, trusts, life funds and companies at client level across multiple accounts is easily computed by CGCalc, our capital gains tax calculation module.

CGCalc is a rules-based, global tax calculation engine. It computes the chargeable gains and allowable losses on investment portfolios.  Output from the system can be tailored to suit a particular country’s tax regime.

Our software is highly flexible because we use calculation rules defined by jurisdiction, asset type and tax treatment requirements, as opposed

to hard-coding the calculation parameters for individual scenarios.

The CGCalc engine uses your data and the related tax rules to dynamically derive the correct transaction set that is required to be processed. The transactions are then processed to compute related tax costs and to populate the derived transactions.

CGCalc provides the speed and functionality the world’s largest financial organisations demand and is at the heart of the Ellis single software solution.

For 24 years, CGCalc has been delivering an integrated, dynamic capital gains and income tax calculation and reporting solution.  Today, CGCalc remains the leading commercial tax calculation software of choice for the investment management industry.

Key calculation abilities include:

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