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Leverage IBM Cognos on IBM Bluemix using the Embeddable Reporting service

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Solutions Architect, IBM Innovation Center

Information Architect, IBM Innovation Center

Have you heard of IBM Cognos®, the world-class data analysis and reporting platform? The answer is probably yes. Do you have the ability to leverage such a powerful platform on IBM Bluemix. The answer is absolutely yes—by using the Bluemix Embeddable Reporting service. In this tutorial, get step-by-step instructions on creating, developing, and deploying an app employing the Embeddable Reporting service on Bluemix as well as how to design reports using Cognos Report Studio with Bluemix.

What you'll need to build your application

With the Embeddable Reporting service, you

can easily build IBM Cognos reports on Bluemix. To build the app, you need:

  • The Embeddable Reporting service.
  • A compatible runtime—all Bluemix runtime environments are supported. We use the Java Liberty runtime in this example.
  • A compatible NoSQL Database service—required to hold the metadata for the Embeddable Reporting service. Cloudant NoSQL DB, MongoLabs, and MongoDB are supported. In this example, Cloudant NoSQL DB is employed.
  • An instance of the SQL DB service—the repository that holds the data to report.

With a few configuration steps and source code lines, you can easily integrate reporting features into apps.

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