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What is the Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP)?

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K Updated on July 29, 2014

What is UPP?

UPP stands for Unilateral Pricing Policy. It means the manufacturers of your contact lenses are mandating the minimum price they can be sold for. Because of this, we aren’t able to offer any discounts, rebates, or incentives like we used to.

Why is this happening?

UPP allows contact lens manufacturers to dictate the price their contact lenses are sold for, effectively eliminating marketplace competition and your ability to shop for the best price. UPP will cause the price of contact lenses to increase drastically – in our case, up to 34%.

My price has increased a lot from my last order. Why have the prices changed?

We at 1-800 CONTACTS are committed to protecting your right to buy the quality lenses you expect at the competitive prices you deserve. We obtain all the contact lenses we sell directly from the manufacturer to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product. When contact lens manufacturers mandate the minimum price for which their products can be sold, we aren’t allowed

to lower the price or offer any kind of rebates on brands affected by this mandate.

You used to beat any price by 2%. Why don’t you do that anymore?

We have always stood behind our commitment to beat any price by 2%. While we continue this practice on a large portion of our inventory, manufacturer mandated pricing policies have forced us to discontinue this pricing benefit. We aren’t allowed to lower the price or offer any kind of discounts or rebates on products affected by UPP.

You are the same price as my doctor. I thought you would be better.

The Unilateral Pricing Policy created by manufacturers sets the minimum price that contacts can be sold for, which restricts our ability to offer a lower price than doctors on those lenses. However, we do offer free torn lens replacement, 24/7 customer service, free exchanges if your prescription ever changes, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So while our price is similar because of the manufacturer mandate, we still offer services that your doctor doesn’t and at no extra cost.

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