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Economic Law & Policy

The Economic Law and Policy program focuses on key aspects of investment policy, green industrial policy, public procurement and infrastructure finance and market-based sustainability standards, as well as initial work on aspects of financial market reform and proposed work around sustainable monetary policy.


The Energy program focuses on sustainable and efficient energy systems and enabling changes in the political economy. Our work addresses subsidies and carbon pricing, electricity and green industrial policy, and climate change, including nationally appropriate mitigation actions.

Knowledge for Integrated Decisions

The Knowledge

for Integrated Decisions program transforms data and information into knowledge that supports sustainable change. We develop, enhance and apply measurement and assessment tools and processes including indicators, as well as build capacity and foster engagement of policy-makers, decision-makers and future leaders.


The water program applies an integrated approach, emphasizing the equity, ecosystem and economic dimensions of water management. We have worked to improve water quality, flood/drought resilience and wetlands management in watershed bioeconomies, and continue to expand our focus on water-energy-food security, ecosystem services and the scientific basis provided by the IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

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