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What is cvv on debit card

what is cvv on debit card

What is CVV Number?

The CVV Number (Card Verification Value) is the 3 digit numeric value inside a small white color box behind the Credit Card or Debit Card of VISA, Mastercard and Discover.

The purpose of CVV Number is to reduce and protect Card Holders from Identity Theft and fraudulent activities such as using other people's Credit Card Numbers to shop online from websites and other services that requires Credit Card Numbers. And to make the best of this security feature, you should never give your CVV number to your friends along with your Credit Card Number.

While you may be shopping online from popular websites such as Amazon, Ebay or any such website, you will be asked to enter your CVV code along with your Credit Card number and the expiration date of the card. And this is just to verify that you are the actual Card Holder with the physical card

of the number that you have entered into the website. And also while you may add your Credit Card or Debit Card Number to Online Payment Service Platforms such as PayPal or Google Chekout, you will be asked to enter your CVV Number before you save your card number to these platforms. And this is completely safe as long as you don't provide your log-in details to these websites.

Therefore, always make sure and verify that the website which you are providing your CVV Number is an authentic and genuine website. If you may be new for Online Transactions, try to get some help from a trusted friend, and NEVER share your Credit Card Numbers, CVV Numbers and your PIN numbers with them. And please keep your family and all your loved ones well informed about these information as hackers and fraudulent criminals are becoming more clever in stealing other people's card numbers and misusing them

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