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What is debit card hotlisting

what is debit card hotlisting

Debit Cards

Key facts

Classic Chip Debit Card

We Bring to you the Barclays Chip based International Debit Card, a contemporary form of Banking that allows you to take your bank with you wherever you go.

Barclays chip based VISA debit card comes with enhanced security features making all your card transactions safe and hassle free.

Features & Benefits

The chip on the face of this card stores your card data in a more secure manner.
  • Worldwide access Access your bank account at over 80,000 VISA/VISA Plus ATMs in India and over a million ATMs overseas.
  • High limits Withdraw up to Rs 50,000 per day at ATMs and enjoy a purchase limit of up to Rs 50,000 per day.
  • Convenient shopping worldwide and locally Shop at more than 325,000 outlets in India and 13 million establishments worldwide. The amount is debited directly to your account in rupees, irrespective of the currency you spend in while shopping overseas.
  • Assistance anytime, anywhere Avail of comprehensive VISA Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS)* whenever you travel overseas.
  • Lost card liability insurance

    Your Classic Debit Card comes with a reassuring cover of up to Rs 50,000 against misuse/fraud in case of a lost card.

  • *Terms and conditions apply. GCAS is the privilege assistance service provided by VISA, anywhere-anytime to you while you travel abroad. GCAS can be used for lost/stolen card reporting, emergency cash assistance or miscellaneous information that may be required by you while travelling overseas.

    The Debit card will be activated for point-of-sale (POS) transactions only after a successful transaction at any of the VISA/VISA Plus ATMs.

    Please note that your ATM PIN is also your POS PIN i.e. you can use your ATM PIN at POS. Please register for VBV and generate a VBV password for online transaction with new chip card. On merchant's IVR, you will need to generate a One Time Password (OTP) for every card transaction.

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