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The Past Two Months In Review (And What’s Coming Up)

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Boy, I missed the absolute bonanza of a sale that occurred Monday, but I still scored a pretty good deal on a high-quality stock to finish off August. If timing the market were necessary to achieve financial independence, I’d fail miserably. Fortunately, it’s not necessary and time in matters more than timing. Time in is […]

Time In The Market Trumps Timing The Market For The Long-Term Investor

It’s funny. Add just a smidgen of volatility to the stock market and people go crazy. The last few days of last week proved to be a little volatile for the stock market. Oil prices are at multi-year lows right now. Questions about global growth, China, and Greece continue to dominate headlines. But does any of […]

How To Think About Properly Servicing/Repairing A Vehicle

This is coming at you from a (former) industry insider. I worked in the auto industry for approximately nine years. Over that time

frame, I worked at a variety of car dealerships. One thing I’ve realized is that they pretty much more or less all work the same, which, I believe, gives me some insight. […]

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I’m so fortunate to be in a position where I’m able to fairly regularly put capital to work. And I’m not just putting capital to work. I’m putting it to work by investing in some of the highest-quality businesses in the entire world. And not just any high-quality businesses. But only those that are so […]

Why I’m Glad To Have Had A Job I Hated

That’s right. I’m glad I had a job that I hated. That job was working as a service advisor in the auto industry. Specifically, I worked for a variety of car dealerships over my eight-year career. I worked in the business for about nine years in total if we’re counting the time I worked my […]

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