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What is end to end payroll

what is end to end payroll

Procure to Pay - Order to Cash - End to End Cycle Functional Documents

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6) Define Resources

7) Define Departments

8) Define Routing (CPU Sub assembly)

9) Define Bill of Materials (BOM) CPU Sub assembly

10) Define Routing (Dell Computer)

11) Define Bill of Materials (BOM) (Dell Computer)

12) Define Suppliers

13) Enter Purchase Requisitions

14) Create Purchase Orders

15) Enter Receipts (Inventory Receipt)

16) Auto-create Supplier Invoice

17) Create, View Invoices and

Make Payments in Payables

18) Payments Reconciliation

19) Create, Release, Complete, Close Discrete Job for CPU Subassembly

20) Create, Release, Complete, Close Discrete Job for Dell Computer

22) Run Auto invoice

23) View Sales Invoice, Create Receipt, Remittance and view Account Balances

24) Receipt Reconciliation

This Document has been broken to three parts owing to the size of the document is very huge. Hence readers are requested to read the Document Links in the following Sequence to understand the complete flow of Transactions

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