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Current Issue: August 2015

Geoscience Education has graduated.

The geosciences are shedding their undeserved reputation as “soft science” as educators, policymakers and students alike come to realize both their rigor and their vital importance in the economy of tomorrow.

As our annual Geoscience Education issue, the August Explorer includes this and other stories about the changing face of geology in the classroom and of geoscience education’s relationship to industry.

In this issue, we include:

  • A report on how the geosciences are taking their place in the classroom among other “hard sciences.”
  • Coverage of the new Energy Business Degree and its value, not just in landing a job, but in forging a lifelong career.
  • An inside look at this year’s winners of the internationally renowned Imperial Barrel Award.
  • A look at a course that brings geology students, engineering students and industry together.

We also have the first installment of a two-part series on the planet Mars: how to get there, how to make it more like Earth, and why that should be of intense interest to AAPG members; and we have a piece about a little-known play in the Permian Basin that may yet prove to be more productive than the Eagle Ford.

And, along with other news and announcements, the August Explorer includes all of the regular columns our readers enjoy.

The AAPG EXPLORER is the monthly tabloid magazine of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists that covers news of interest to the AAPG membership. Contents include coverage of the entire span of energy interest, with emphasis on exploration for hydrocarbons and energy minerals. Breaking news stories, features, profiles of personalities, comment columns and Association information is included.

The AAPG EXPLORER is read by more than 42,000 members and friends of the Association in 129 countries.

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